Students returning to the University after an approved Leave of Absence will be contacted by the Office of the Registrar prior to the semester in which they indicated their return.  Instructions on how to re-enroll will be provided at that time.

Students seeking to return to the University who do not have a valid or current Leave of Absence form on file, including students on Academic Probation or Suspension, must formally apply for readmission. Applicants for readmission who have attended other colleges or universities during their absence are required to provide official transcripts from each school attended. Official transcripts must be sent directly to John Carroll from each college or university (we are unable to accept hand-delivered transcripts). Failure to report collegiate-level attendance at any institution will make a student liable for immediate dismissal.

Students who are readmitted are held to degree and curricular requirements in force at the time of their re-entrance to the University unless they are granted special approval by the appropriate Dean.

Students applying for readmission who were on Academic Suspension must fulfill all of the requirements stipulated in the Letter of Suspension before returning to John Carroll.  They may apply for readmission by contacting the Office of Admission in the term prior to the semester they are eligible to return (e.g., apply in the fall semester for readmission in the spring). Readmission is not guaranteed, and will not be granted prior to the required suspension period of one full Fall or Spring semester and one summer have elapsed. Readmission does not guarantee federal financial aid. Students should consult with the Office of Student Enrollment and Financial Services prior to their return to determine if they are making satisfactory academic progress towards their degree. The earliest a suspended student may return to the University and resume taking classes would be the semester immediately following the required period of suspension.

Students returning from an Academic Suspension enroll for a probationary semester upon their return, as indicated in their readmission letter. Readmitted students may also be subject to credit hour and grade point average requirements for continued enrollment, also indicated in the readmission letter.

For more information on the application process for readmission, please visit the Admission section of this Bulletin.