University Mission

Founded in 1886, John Carroll University is a Jesuit Catholic university distinguished by innovative teaching and research, integrated learning across the entire student experience, care for the whole person (cura personalis), and a faith that does justice. In its commitment to academic rigor and inclusive excellence, John Carroll inspires individuals of intellect and character to learn, lead, and serve in the community and throughout the world.

As a University

John Carroll is committed to the advancement of human knowledge, strengthened by the academic freedom and institutional autonomy befitting a university. The University educates students in the liberal arts, sciences, education, and business at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The University creates dynamic opportunities for students to develop as whole persons. They will acquire the skills that lead to clear, persuasive expression; develop the intellectual discipline necessary to pursue diverse subjects in depth; integrate knowledge across disciplines; commit to and live by a tested set of values; embrace an openness to change and lifelong learning; respect their own culture and that of others; appreciate the interdependence of all humanity; and become citizens who build a more just and humane society.

As a Catholic University

John Carroll is committed to seek and synthesize all knowledge in its pursuit of truth, including the wisdom of Christian revelation for the good of the Church and the world. The University community is enriched by scholarship representing the pluralistic society in which we live, and invites all to participate deeply in the intellectual, moral, and spiritual dialogue necessary for this pursuit. Within this dialogue, in which theological and philosophical questions play a crucial role, students have the opportunity to develop, refine, and live a value system based on respect for and critical evaluation of facts; on intellectual, moral, and spiritual principles that enable them to confront new problems; and on the sensitivity and judgment that prepare them to engage in responsible social action.

John Carroll is committed to inclusive excellence and welcomes students, staff, and faculty from all faiths or no faith. In this spirit of inclusivity, the University fosters an environment in which every member of the community is respected and can thrive.

As a Jesuit University

John Carroll is inspired by the life and spirituality of Saint Ignatius Loyola and the early Jesuits. Embracing the values of the Gospel, his Spiritual Exercises constitute the foundation of Jesuit life and mission at the University. The Jesuit spirit inspires an integration of faith and culture; an invitation to discernment and imaginative reflection; a commitment to walking with the excluded; a call to care for the earth, our common home; and a belief in a hope-filled future. Innovation, experimentation, and training for ethical leadership are essential parts of the Jesuit tradition, which promotes a faith that does justice and envisions education as a quest for God’s greater glory. In the Ignatian tradition of cura personalis, the University commits to a culture of care for the whole person.

As an Engaged University

John Carroll prides itself on excellence in teaching and learning by talented, dedicated, and student-centered faculty and staff. Research is a vital element of education for faculty and student development. In keeping with its mission, the University especially encourages research for the common good that explores solutions to social inequities, answers human needs, and addresses the questions of faith in the modern world. As an institution nationally recognized for its community engagement, John Carroll fosters mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationships with a wide range of community partners who engage students, faculty, and staff in addressing the critical needs of the times.