John Carroll University Learning Goals

Preamble: The vision of Jesuit higher education for the twenty-first century is to graduate individuals with a well educated solidarity who are contemplatives in action— morally responsible, aware of the fundamental challenges facing the modern world, with a depth of knowledge and strength of character to work creatively and compassionately for a more just and humane society. Within this vision, a John Carroll education is distinguished by respect and care for the whole person (cura personalis), innovative teaching, and integrated learning across the entire student experience. A commitment to excellence and academic rigor animates our way of proceeding, graduating individuals of intellect and character who lead and serve by engaging the world around them and around the globe.

We express this commitment in terms of the following four University learning goals informed by our Jesuit, Catholic heritage.

Intellect: John Carroll students will be transformed by an integrative curriculum, in-depth study within their programs(s) of study, and applied learning to fully realize their potential to enrich the world. To achieve this level of engaged learning, our students will:

  • Develop habits of critical analysis and aesthetic appreciation.

  • Understand the religious dimensions of human experience.

  • Demonstrate an integrative knowledge of human and natural worlds.

  • Apply creative and innovative thinking.

  • Communicate skillfully in multiple forms of expression.

  • Demonstrate a capacity to engage in respectful civil discourse.

Character: John Carroll students will develop a holistic awareness of self and others, acting with integrity and moral purpose for the good of society. Amidst a diverse community of learners and inspired by the Ignatian tradition of finding God in all things, our students will:

  • Cultivate a habit of reflection.

  • Understand, value, and respect their own and others’ talents, unique characteristics, and sociocultural identities.

  • Develop a personal belief system that is inspired by Ignatian values such as rigor, generosity, gratitude, inclusivity, solidarity, and a desire for the greater good.

  • Practice mature decision making and care for the whole person.

  • Act competently in a global and diverse world.

Leadership: John Carroll students will recognize themselves as agents of positive change with and for others. Integrating faith and reason to meet the world’s needs through ethical leadership, our students will:

  • Claim their identities as discerning leaders.

  • Apply a framework for examining ethical dilemmas.

  • Employ leadership and collaborative skills.

  • Live responsibly in accord with their personal belief system.

Service: John Carroll students will advocate for social justice through responsible service in their local, national, and global communities. Informed by our collective faith traditions, prepared by scholarship, and in solidarity with the poor and the marginalized, our students will:

  • Understand and promote social justice.

  • Work actively toward creating a more inclusive, welcoming, and just community.

  • Serve in their communities as engaged citizens and advocates.