Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services (ITS) department provides a wide variety of information technologies across the campus, including multimedia classrooms in support of teaching and learning; administrative electronic information systems; high-performance networks (including ubiquitous wireless) for computer, voice, and video communication; a widely distributed server infrastructure; and support for virtual and physical desktop/laptop computers. The department maintains electronic classrooms and computer labs equipped with desktop computers and a variety of multimedia presentation facilities; it also provides technology assistance to students, faculty, and staff through a centrally managed Service Desk. In addition, the Center for Digital Media (CDM),, has advanced computer systems and staff support to assist faculty in employing the most up-to-date learning technologies in their curricula and students with incorporation and use of technology in their course work and projects.

Throughout the campus, there are more than 100 classrooms and labs equipped for advanced electronic multimedia presentation. More than 75 of these include an instructor lectern with an integrated touch-screen control station, multimedia computer, DVD, and document camera. A number of classrooms have computers for every student. Most are Virtual Computers, which allow students to load different computer images to better meet their instructional needs. These classrooms and labs include specialized software packages selected by professors as supplements to classroom instruction. All sites are connected via local networks to the campus-wide fiber optic 10 Gigabit Ethernet network. Furthermore, the campus network and the Internet are accessible from anywhere on the campus—including all outside spaces—through a comprehensive wireless network. The Banner Administrative information system provides students and faculty with many web-accessible records and services.