Withdrawal and Refunds

Withdrawal from a course or from the University on a temporary or permanent basis involves a procedure as formal as that of registration. Notice to the instructor or continued absence from class does not constitute a withdrawal, and the only result from such action will be the assignment of the grade “WF,” which is considered a failing grade and is computed in the cumulative average. To safeguard the academic record, therefore, as well as to secure any refund, the student must give formal notice to Enrollment Services and follow the proper withdrawal procedures. The student may choose to initiate a withdrawal from all courses with no intent to return (“Permanent Withdrawal”) or withdrawal with the intent to return (“Leave of Absence”). A withdrawal initiated by a student can be superseded by appropriate University action in the event of disciplinary action, academic dismissal or suspension. A Leave of Absence will not delay program expiration dates. Students who intend to withdraw completely from the University or from all of the courses in which they are enrolled should also contact the appropriate Assistant Dean for guidance on academic issues.

Withdrawals during the first week of class leave no indication of the course on the student’s transcript. For withdrawals between the 2nd and 12th week of a regular semester, a W appears on the transcript; this is the time of “withdrawal without prejudice.” No withdrawals are permitted after the 12th week.

Final dates for the above periods are indicated in the academic calendar.

The following percentages of the charge for tuition will be refunded if obligations have been paid in full, or credited if there is a balance due.

Tuition Refunds: Fall and Spring Semesters

Within the first week of class


Within the second week of class


Within the third week of class


After the third week of class


Tuition Refunds: Summer Semester

On or before the second class meeting day


On the third through fifth class meeting day


After the fifth class meeting day


The full policy including the Federal Title IV Financial aid refund and repayment policy can be found at  https://jcu.edu/sefs/registration/withdrawal-and-leave-absence