Tuition and Other Charges

Tuition and fees are fully assessed upon completion of registration.

Terms of Payment

All tuition, room and board, and fees must be paid by the first day the academic term begins.  Billing statements are sent to the student’s University e-mail account and those authorized by the student to have access to this information. Late fees, registration and transcript holds will be assessed on accounts with outstanding balances.   Additionally, registration may be canceled for students who fail to meet their financial obligations.

Options available for payment of student accounts including payment plans and billing policies can be found at http://sites.jcu.edu/aid/pages/billing-and-payment/payment-options/.

Tuition and Fee Expenses

Current tuition and fees expenses can be found at http://sites.jcu.edu/aid/pages/billing-and-payment/tuition-and-fees/


The following percentages of the charge for tuition will be refunded, or credited against a balance due.

Within course-change week


Within the second week of class


Within the third week of class


After the third week of class


These withdrawal allowances are granted only after the student has formally withdrawn through the Office of Student Enrollment and Financial Services.  Withdrawals must be made in person or in writing and are dated from the day of approval.

Special note for students on semester-basis flat-rate tuition:  There will be an adjustment in tuition only if they:

a.  Drop to fewer than 12 credit hours during or prior to course change week, or
b.  Completely withdraw from the University during the first 3 weeks of the semester.

Refunds for summer terms require the student to formally withdraw by the second day of class for a full refund and by the fourth day of class for a 50% refund.  There is no tuition refund after the fifth day of class.

More details can be found at https://jcu.edu/sefs/registration/withdrawal-and-leave-absence