Readmission to a graduate program is a formal process required of students who
1.  did not enroll in the previous semester and are not on an approved leave of absence; or
2.  leave the university on academic suspension or for concerns related to professional dispositions or other disciplinary matters.

Students who completed a graduate degree at JCU and wish to be admitted into a different graduate program must complete a new application and submit all required admission materials.

Guidelines for Readmission:

  1. Transcripts of coursework undertaken since the date of last attendance that the student wishes to be considered as part of the readmission process must be submitted to the Graduate School.

  2. The readmission application must include all required information, including a statement describing why the student left the university, as well as their desire to return.

  3. If any courses, examinations, or requirements from the original matriculation are used to meet these requirements, then the time limit to complete the degree from the original matriculation will apply.

  4. If a student is unable to fulfill all the requirements for graduation within that original time limit, a request for an extension must be included with the application for readmission.

  5. Additional conditions for readmission may be imposed by the Dean of Graduate Studies in consultation with the department chairperson/program director.

  6. Evaluation of coursework that is three years old or more will be made by the department chairperson/program director to determine whether or not the courses may be used to fulfill degree requirements. Courses seven years old or more generally will not be accepted toward fulfillment of degree requirements.

  7. Upon readmission and following evaluation of previous coursework, examinations, or requirements, the readmitted student will work with the Chair/Program Director and their academic advisor to develop a plan of study, including a completion timetable.

  8. Students who are returning for the sole purpose of completing the thesis, essay, or creative project, and for whom a grade of PR (in progress) was given for the course associated with the thesis, essay, or creative project, are referred to the Policy on PR Grades as outlined in the Graduate Student Bulletin (for students who entered the university beginning Fall 2012).

Instructions for seeking readmission to Graduate Studies

1.  A student will submit an on-line readmission application to the Graduate School. The application will require the student to include a statement clarifying her or his academic history and explaining the purpose for readmission. The statement must be specific and include the following:

          a. Your educational goals and expected completion date;

          b. An explanation of how you will assure successful completion of the degree (if returning to complete a degree);

2. Official transcripts for coursework to be considered in the readmission decision is sent to the Office of Graduate Studies.

3. The Office of Graduate Studies will forward the readmission application to the appropriate department chair/program coordinator for review and recommendation for readmission. The appropriate dean gives the final approval. The student will be notified once a decision is made.

Please note:

  • Approval of this application indicates that a student is eligible to return to JCU. It does not address holds that may be associated with the student which, if unresolved, may prevent course registration or completion of the thesis/essay/project.  

  • If approval is granted for a student to be readmitted on academic probation, the student must meet the conditions for full admission.

  • Mail official transcripts to: Office of the Graduate School, 1 John Carroll Blvd., University Heights, OH 44118; 216-397-1835.