Sociology and Criminology (SC)

Professors: Medora Barnes, Richard Clark, Wendy Wiedenhoft Murphy (Chair), Associate Professors: Gloria Vaquera, Assistant Professors: Kathleen Knoll-Frey, Kenneth Sean Chaplin.

John Carroll offers a major and minor in sociology and criminology. Studying sociology will expose you to theoretical insights about human behavior and teach you critical analytical thinking and skills to work with, and help understand, people. You will learn about ways people interact, organize, and act as societies, cultures, families, ethnic/racial groups, socioeconomic classes, religions, and other types of groups.

As a sociology student, you will take courses in the foundations of sociology, research methods, and sociological theory. You will also explore contemporary social issues such as: crime, drugs, law, poverty, health, prejudice and discrimination, inequalities, the environment, and sexuality and gender, both within the U.S. and globally.

Depending on your career interests, you can choose to focus your studies in specialized concentrations: 1) criminology, law, and justice, 2) forensic behavioral studies, 3) social work, community and health, or 4) diversity, justice and social change. Many of our students also complete internships to gain professional experience in a variety of fields.