Psychology (PS)

Professors: H. M. Murphy, D. D. Ben-Porath, T. Frazier; T. Masterson; Associate Professors: J. H. Yost, A. M. Canda (Chair), S. D. Young

Psychology is the scientific study of all aspects of behavior and mental processes. The concepts and methods of science are used in the description, explanation, prediction, and modification of behavior. Psychology is a broad discipline with ties to both the natural and social sciences. It provides a base for a variety of academic and professional fields, including psychological research, counseling, clinical psychology, social work, business and industry, medicine, human resource, and law. In addition, an interdisciplinary concentration in neuroscience is coordinated through the Department of Psychology.

The Department of Psychology prepares students with knowledge in the core areas of psychology, critical thinking skills, and the ability to apply the scientific method as preparation for graduate study, work, or service. In addition, the Department of Psychology participates in the College of Arts and Sciences Professional Development Program through PS 1900.