Political Science (PO)

Professors: M. E. Farrar, E. A. Stiles; Associate Professors: A. Sobisch (Chair), M. J. Peden, J. J. Ziemke, C.D. Swearigen

Firmly rooted in the tradition of the liberal arts and sciences, political science focuses its study on the political aspects of the social world. The Department of Political Science offers courses on political institutions, law, public policy, global studies, and political theory. The goals of the department are for students to (1) demonstrate an understanding of the connections across established fields of study in political science, as well as the discipline’s relationship to the other social sciences; (2) demonstrate transferable academic and intellectual skills in the study of local, national, and global politics, including critical analysis, academic writing, data fluency, oral communication, and intercultural competence; (3) understand how to participate in political and civic life with an appreciation for diverse value systems, ideologies, and cultures; and (4) demonstrate preparation for graduate school, law school, or other career opportunities according to interest.