Nonprofit Administration

Tina Facca-Miess

Director, Nonprofit Administration Program

Walter Simmons

Associate Dean; Professor of Economics

Programs Offered

The Nonprofit Administration Program educates and empowers the current as well as the next generation of nonprofit leaders. The program prepares students to serve their organizations and their communities by teaching approaches to leadership, management and governance, team-building, ethical values and practices, nonprofit financial management and resource development models, and strategic planning and assessment procedures, among other practical administrative tools used in nonprofit organizations.

The program develops the ability to address issues related to the pluralistic environment in which we live. Nonprofits play increasingly important roles in today’s society, often filling the gaps in human and social services. The administrators of these organizations must have the necessary leadership skills that this program provides.

The Nonprofit Administration Program is a complete learning experience. It involves exposure to the field, practical instruction, case-based learning, and learning experiences that are necessary to link theoretical instruction to applied settings. Since the intended outcome is to train leaders for community based social justice organizations, the curricular components of the program include leadership, board development, resource acquisition and management, and strategic thinking and planning.

John Carroll offers a Master of Arts in Nonprofit Administration, a Certificate in Nonprofit Management, and a 5th-Year Master of Arts Program in Nonprofit Administration.

The Master of Arts (M.A.) in program is an interdisciplinary professional degree program including coursework offered by faculty from both the Boler College of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences. The program is intended for those who have or expect to have careers managing or administering nonprofit organizations in areas in which direct assistance is provided to people in need.

The program Certificate is intended for students who are new chief executives, currently in a senior leadership role in a nonprofit or moving into the sector from senior or executive leadership in business or government. Two required courses and three electives, selected by the student, with input from the Director to ensure alignment with student’s professional goals.

The 5th-Year B.S.B.A./M.A. Program in program will allow students pursuing an undergraduate degree to complete either a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in any major and an M.A. in Nonprofit Administration within a five-year time frame. The program is designed so that students meet all of the requirements for graduation in both programs. Students can complete an undergraduate major, apply for admission to the M.A. program in their junior year, begin taking graduate courses in their senior year, and complete the M.A. in their 5th year. Tuition for graduate courses in the senior year is included in the flat tuition rate for 12 -18 credit hours. Up to six credits of graduate work can be part of an undergraduate student’s full-time financial aid package, which means that six credits of M.A. work can receive financial aid, depending on the student’s status. Tuition in the fifth year is the graduate per credit tuition rate.

Courses Offered

Courses with the NP code can be found on the "Courses" tab of this department page. Nonprofit Administration students, however, take a variety of courses from different departments. To see the courses that are available to students in the Nonprofit Administration program, view the program program page.