Managing Business

Professor:  S. Allen; E. Granot; W. Simmons; C. Watts; M. Webinger; Associate Professor:  B. Saxton; Assistant Professor: S. Moore; Visiting Assistant Professor: S. Horne

The Master of Business Administration is offered by the John M. and Mary Jo Boler College of Business, whose mission is to develop and inspire tomorrow’s leaders through educational excellence in the Jesuit tradition. The Boler College of Business carries out this mission by:

  • Striving to foster the ongoing development of the highest standards of personal integrity among all members of its community.

  • Promoting the achievement of educational excellence through a challenging course of studies.

  • Emphasizing the development and implementation of innovative techniques that keep it at the forefront of the dynamic business-education environment.

  • Nurturing the intellectual, personal, and moral development of each student and inspiring each to become a person for others.

  • Committing to incorporate an international dimension into its teaching, research, and service programs.

  • Encouraging all of its constituents to develop a sense of belonging and responsibility within the community, to respect and care for one another, and to take actions that they believe promote the common good.

  • Treating faculty scholarship as an essential part of the process that couples life-long learning with teaching excellence.