English (EN)

Professors: G.B. Bilgere, J.E. Feerick, P. J. Metres, III, M. Moroney (Chair), D. J. Rosenthal; Associate Professors: P. Kvidera, B. K. Macaskill, T. Pace; Writing Center Director: M. Connor

Students of English share in an enriched experience of imaginative language in which they read literature and produce lively, critical, creative, and professional writing. English majors learn to sharpen their analytical and writing powers, while studying literary works they can enjoy throughout their lives. Graduates with a degree in English flourish in law, business, government, education, research, medicine, and professional writing. Students majoring in English may choose the literature, creative writing, or professional writing track.

First-year English composition is required for all bachelor’s degrees. Placement in composition courses is determined by SAT or ACT scores, high school GPA, and/or demonstration of requisite writing skills. An AP English score of four or higher allows students to test out of EN 125. Students needing intensive instruction in English composition are assigned to EN 120-121. All others are assigned to EN 125. Writing assistance is available to all students, for any writing assignment in any program, through the Writing Center.