Pass/Fail Option

Students who have obtained sophomore status are permitted to take up to six courses on a Pass/Fail basis with the following restrictions:

Students may not register for more than one such P/F course per semester and may not use the P/F option for any course counted toward University Core requirements or in a major sequence or optional minor. Business majors may not use the P/F option for any of the business core courses. Students planning to take courses on a P/F basis should discuss this action with their advisor.

Students wishing to take the P/F option or change from the P/F option to regular grading registration should so indicate at the time of final registration or no later than the end of the second week of class. Once the student has completed the Pass/Fail Option form (available on the Registrar’s webpage), and obtained approval from the assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences or the Boler College of Business, the student must submit the form for processing to Rodman Hall, Room 249.

Students selecting the P/F option must earn a grade of C or higher to be eligible for the Pass grade. Courses completed with the Pass grade (designated “CR” for Credit) will not be included in the computation of the overall average. However, students who are registered for a course on the Pass/Fail basis but earn a grade of C- or lower will receive that grade, and it will be included in the computation of the overall average. The Registrar’s Office does not keep a record of the letter grade that would have been received had the Pass/Fail option not been elected.

Students planning to enter graduate or professional schools are reminded that their admission may be jeopardized by a substantial amount of P/F course work. Students planning on entering graduate or professional school (e.g., Medical School, Law School) at any time after graduation, should be aware that required or pre-requisite courses listed as Pass/Fail very often are not accepted. This may mean having to retake the course for a grade. Please be aware of this when choosing which course(s) to elect for Pass/Fail.

The decision on Pass/Fail courses may negatively affect one’s GPA – as Pass grades do not count as graded coursework and grades of C- or lower are factored in – and this may affect a student’s academic probation status, eligibility in athletics, financial aid qualifications, or eligibility for the Dean’s list. Students are responsible for understanding the implications of this choice.
Students are strongly encouraged to discuss this election with their academic advisor, chair or program director, the Academic Advising Office, or the Office of the Registrar, if there are any questions.

Any questions concerning financial aid or scholarship eligibility should be directed to Student Enrollment and Financial Services.

Any questions concerning athletic eligibility should be directed to the Athletic Director’s Office.