Grade Exclusion

Grade Exclusion is intended to help students in their first year of enrollment at the University recover from unsuccessful course work specifically related to their academic major. Courses taken to fulfill Core, minor, and elective credit are not eligible under this policy. Students who received a C- or below in courses required for their intended major, including major support courses, taken during the first two semesters of enrollment, are eligible to petition for Exclusion. A successful Academic Petition for Exclusion allows a student to remove the deficient grade or grades from their cumulative GPA. A student who makes this choice may not continue in the academic major for which they requested Exclusion or a major requiring Excluded course work. If a student elects to return to the discontinued major or retake the course for which an Exclusion had previously been granted, Excluded course grades will be reapplied toward the degree and used in computing the student's cumulative GPA.

A petition for Exclusion will be reviewed by the chair of the relevant academic department and the assistant dean for the College of Arts and Sciences or the Boler College of Business. The petition must be submitted before the first day of registration for undergraduates in their third term of enrollment at the University. Courses for which Exclusion has been granted remain listed on the student’s permanent record (transcript) with the designation EX. Grades and credit hours of Excluded courses no longer apply toward the degree.