Course Attempt

Students may attempt to take a course twice at the University. In the case of a course repeat, the first attempt grade must be a C- or lower, including Withdrawal. Requests to repeat a course must be submitted through an academic petition. The highest graded attempt will be factored into the grade point average. Students receive credit once when repeating a course, and all attempts remain on the transcript. In addition, only course work repeated at John Carroll impacts the grade point average.

Requests to take a course for a third time will be considered only in serious, extenuating circumstances and will be reviewed by the academic advisor, the chair of the department in which the repeat course was taught, and the assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences or Boler College of Business. In cases of a third attempt, the first and highest graded attempts will be factored into the grade point average. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisor and the Office of Financial Aid before registering for a course repeat.