John Carroll University conducts formal commencement exercises each year in May. Attendance at these exercises is optional; those attending must wear academic cap and gown. Diplomas are also issued in January and August, but students are invited to march in commencement the following May.

Summer Graduates Participating in the Spring Commencement Ceremony

The Spring Commencement Ceremony signifies academic completion and merit for the year’s graduating class of students. In some instances, students may participate in the ceremony prior to the completion of all degree requirements (i.e., walking short). The following criteria will apply for allowing summer graduates to participate in the ceremony prior to the completion of all degree requirements. Summer graduates who are approved to walk short are reminded that participation does not mean a student has graduated:

  1. Undergraduate students must have no more than (9) nine remaining credit hours in order to complete their degree program. If the course(s) needed to graduate is (are) not offered at John Carroll University during the summer, arrangements must be completed which will ensure proper transfer to the student’s degree program at John Carroll. Summer graduates must indicate the August degree conferral date on their Graduation Application.

  2. Students must have a 2.0 grade point average in any of the various categories in which a 2.0 average is needed for Graduation (overall, major/minor, support courses, and business courses in the case of Boler College students). The grade point average will be calculated after course work for the spring semester has concluded and prior to the Commencement Ceremony. The average is computed to two decimal places and truncated, not rounded.

  3. May Commencement Ceremony participants who have not completed all degree requirements will have their Graduation Honors listed in the Commencement program according to their overall grade point average at the end of spring semester.

  4. January graduates, those students who complete their degrees with fall coursework, are invited to participate in Commencement the following May.