Registration and Permanent Withdrawal


At the time of registration, usually late in the preceding semester, students should consult with the department/program in planning their course of study. Graduate students are encouraged to meet with their advisor to develop their academic plan of study prior to registering. All non-matriculated and post-baccalaureate students must obtain approval for registration. Students who are in the essay or thesis writing stage of their program must enroll in the appropriate 0-credit course to maintain their enrollment status.

Students must obtain the approval of their advisor or department chairperson/program director and the appropriate dean prior to registering if any of the following applies:

1. They need permission to register for an overload.

2. They have a financial hold on their account.

After securing any necessary approvals, the student may register for his/her courses. All graduate students (including Veterans) receive priority registration status; graduate student registration begins during the first week of registration, one week prior to undergraduate students. Graduate students should consult the Registrar's Calendar for exact dates each semester. Students are encouraged to register early (before finals in the preceding semester) since courses may become full or may be cancelled due to low enrollment. Adding courses, changing from audit to credit or credit to audit is permitted only up to the published deadline in the Registrar's Calendar.

Permanent Withdrawal

Students who need to permanently withdraw from their program and from John Carroll must complete the Permanent Withdrawal from a Graduate Program form. The form should be signed and completed by the student and submitted to Enrollment Services. Students who do not complete and submit the appropriate paperwork will be marked as Failed to Return, which may have financial aid implications.

A withdrawal initiated by a student can be superseded by appropriate University action in the event of disciplinary action, academic dismissal or suspension.