Independent Studies

A matriculated student in good academic standing may register for an independent study to supplement the regularly scheduled courses. An independent study will not normally be approved for a student on academic probation. Only in exceptional cases will students be allowed to register for more than one independent study per semester. Students must complete the appropriate Independent Study Contract Form, which includes the course learning goals, scope of the course, the required readings, the written assignments, how the student will be evaluated, and any other expectations on the part of the faculty member. The form must be signed by the student, the instructor, the department chairperson/program coordinator, and the appropriate dean. Proposals for independent studies must be approved by the appropriate dean prior to the registration deadline published in the academic calendar. Departments must submit an Addition to Course Schedule form to the appropriate office before the student may register for the course. Independent study may be approved after the start of the semester upon consultation with the appropriate dean. Unless otherwise stipulated by individual departments or programs, no more than 6 hours of any degree should be comprised of independent study credits.