Course Attempt

Graduate students may repeat a course in which a failing grade was earned. For graduate students, a failing grade is defined as any grade that cannot be counted toward degree completion.

Graduate courses may be repeated under the following conditions:

  1. The repeated course is taken at John Carroll.

  2. The repeated course is graded with the same grading option as the original, i.e., students may not elect a different grading option for the repeated course, unless it is now a required grading scheme.

  3. Once a passing grade is earned in a course, the course may not be repeated.

  4. Thesis, essay, independent study courses, and internship or practicum courses are exempt from this policy.

To repeat a course other than those referenced in #4, students must submit an academic petition and obtain approval. Requests to repeat a course will only be approved if students have not earned a passing grade in the course. Only the grade from the second attempt will be calculated in the cumulative GPA, but both attempts will appear on the transcript. Earned credit for a course applies only once toward program requirements and credit hour totals. For students on an assistantship, please note that graduate and athletic assistantships do not cover tuition for repeated courses.