Course Add, Drop, and Withdrawal

Course Add-Drop

Changes in a student’s course of study after the published deadline must be approved by the appropriate dean. Add-Drop forms must be signed by the associate dean of the student's respective college and then submitted to Rodman Hall, Room 249, for processing with copies to Financial Aid and the Cashier’s Office. Check the University calendar for deadlines for adding and dropping courses.

Course Drop and Course Withdrawal

The terms “drop” and “withdrawal” are not interchangeable at John Carroll. A student drops, or removes a registered course from their schedule, during the Add/Drop period specified by the Office of the Registrar. Dropping a course leaves no record of registration on the transcript. After the Add/Drop period ends, a student withdraws from a course to remove it from their schedule. A course withdrawal is noted as a W on the transcript and does not impact a student’s grade point average. Students are considered enrolled in a course until they have completed formal drop and/or withdrawal procedures. Students who never attend or stop attending a course without following proper drop and/or withdrawal procedures automatically receive a WF, which is a failing grade and is computed in the cumulative average.

Withdrawal from a course or from the University on a temporary or permanent basis involves a procedure as formal as that of registration. Notice to the instructor or continued absence from class does not constitute a withdrawal, and the only result from such action will be the assignment of the grade “WF,” which is considered a failing grade and is computed in the cumulative average. To safeguard the academic record, therefore, as well as to secure any refund, the student must give formal notice to Enrollment Services and follow the proper withdrawal procedures. The student may choose to initiate a withdrawal from all courses with no intent to return (“Permanent Withdrawal”) or withdrawal with the intent to return (Leave of Absence). A withdrawal initiated by a student can be superseded by appropriate University action in the event of disciplinary action, academic dismissal or suspension.

Registration guidelines, dates, and deadlines for part-term and full-term courses are posted on the Registration and Semester Schedule Information page on the Office of the Registrar’s website.