Auditing Courses

Graduate students may elect to audit a course outside of their degree program for preparation for advanced study or career readiness. An Audit course does not fulfill degree requirements; course credit is not awarded. Matriculated students auditing courses must pay full tuition. Financial aid in the form of federal loans and scholarships awarded by the University may not be applied towards an audited course. An Audit course is recorded on the transcript with a grade of AD unless the auditor fails to meet attendance and/or class expectations, which may result in a grade of AW. Tuition is charged at the published rate.

Students register for a course as “Audit” by submitting a Course Audit request form to the Graduate School. The form requires approvals from the Graduate School and instructor of the course to be audited. Students on Graduate Assistantships (GA’s) considering an audit need to abide by the enrollment requirements listed in the Tuition and Fees section of the Graduate Assistants & Athletic Assistants Policy. The auditor is required to attend regularly and should discuss class expectations with the instructor prior to enrolling. The deadline to change from credit to Audit status is by the end of Add/Drop week for part-of-term classes and the end of the second week of the term for full-semester classes. Students who do not change their status to that of an auditor by the specified date in the University calendar and who fail to submit papers, assignments, or take examinations will receive an “F” for the course.

For specific course auditing deadline per term, please see the Registrar's calendar: