Campus Living

John Carroll University is committed to providing students with a residential experience focused on learning and the development of inclusive communities. Living on campus provides students with the unique opportunity to better understand who they are as individuals and how they live and learn in relationship with others. The Residence Life staff facilitates community through the development of interpersonal relationships, social and educational programming, crisis response, and conflict mediation. John Carroll has eight residence halls on its friendly campus.

The University maintains a three-year residency requirement. All entering students of traditional age need to declare their status as residents or commuters through the Enrollment Reservation Form sent by the Office of Admission. Those not commuting from home are required to live on campus during their first two years. This policy also applies to those who transfer into the University as traditional first-year students. Commuting is defined as living exclusively in the permanent and primary residence of a parent or legal guardian. The primary residence of the parent or legal guardian must be within 35 miles of the John Carroll campus. Beyond the first two years, the University offers housing options for upper-division students. Housing after the first two year is available, but not required or guaranteed.

All students living on campus eat their meals in the Harold C. Schott Dining Hall in the Lombardo Student Center. Multiple meal plan options are available to meet students’ needs.