First-Year Admission

Admission to John Carroll University is a deliberate and personal process. It is based on a broad range of criteria, which emphasize varieties of scholarship and talent. An indepth review of each applicant will produce answers to two important questions:

  1. Will the student succeed at John Carroll?

  2. How will the student contribute to the John Carroll community?

Academically, the most important consideration is the overall strength of course work and academic ability as demonstrated through secondary school achievement. Extracurricular involvement, performance on standardized tests, a writing sample, and counselor and/or teacher recommendations are also weighted.

An effort is made to attract candidates of diverse economic, racial, and religious backgrounds, to maintain wide geographic representation in each class, and to actively seek significant talents of all kinds.

A visit to the University is encouraged for all potential students. Arrangements can be made for group information sessions and campus tours through the Office of Admission or by visiting Also, personalized visits to attend classes, meet with faculty, or experience many other aspects of our community can be arranged for high school seniors (weekdays only). Office hours are weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Group presentations and tours are also offered on select Saturdays during the fall, winter, and spring.