Core Requirements in the Major

Students will continue to develop competencies in written and oral expression within their majors; they also will participate in a capstone experience in their major, which represents the culmination of their academic experience. Although they exist in different forms, the following are requirements of every major, so students completing more than one major are expected to fulfill these requirements in each.

Additional Writing

All students, as part of their major, will take a course that emphasizes writing skills within the discipline.

Additional Presentational Skills

Selected courses and other requirements in the major allow students to further cultivate skills in oral presentation and the use of technology to collect and share information.

Capstone Experience

Capstone experiences are valuable not solely because they encourage the student to demonstrate mastery of skills and knowledge in a specific discipline, but also because they represent the culminating expression of a broad liberal arts education that prepares students for future success in a wide range of activities. The capstone experience focuses on some feature of the student’s major area(s) of interest and requires the disciplined use of skills, methodology, and knowledge taught through the curriculum. Capstones meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Synthesize and apply disciplinary knowledge and skills.

  • Foster reflection on undergraduate learning and experience.

  • Demonstrate emerging professional competencies.

  • Apply, analyze, and/or interpret research, data, or artistic expression.

The capstone may be satisfied through a course, created work or product, or some form of experiential learning. The capstone usually occurs during the student’s junior or senior year.

*Note: The Core Committee reviews and approves all new core courses. While the course attributes noted on each course in this Bulletin are accurate when the Bulletin was released, it cannot reflect changes made since that time. Verify Core Designations online during the registration process by seeking the relevant course codes (QA, EGC, ISJ, etc.) in the Banner registration program.