The Center for Global Education

The Center for Global Education is the office responsible for outgoing and incoming student and faculty exchanges. This includes study abroad and exchange programs, faculty exchanges, and short-term and semester-long faculty-led academic programs abroad. The center advises students on international opportunities and scholarship funding sources, and manages students’ applications and other paperwork. It provides pre-departure orientation for study abroad programs and opportunities for reflection upon students’ return. It also works to ensure the safety of the John Carroll community while abroad, through advising, insurance programs, and monitoring world events.

The center issues and maintains visa paperwork for degree-seeking students as well as student, faculty, and researcher exchange visitors. It is responsible for ensuring that international students maintain their status under the terms of their visas and University policies, authorizes work permission on and off campus, and orients new international students. The center also provides opportunities for international students to integrate into campus life and meet other international and domestic students, faculty, and staff.

Contact: The Center for Global Education at, or visit the CGE website at, or call 216-397-4320.

The Center for Service-Learning and Social Action

The Center for Service-Learning and Social Action is an academic office that connects students and faculty to engaging opportunities for learning through service, community-based research, and civic engagement. The Center also connects the campus with the community through mutual partnerships that are significant, eye-opening, and transformative. These high-impact learning experiences help the University realize the Jesuit goal of developing well-educated men and women who understand the realities of a changing world as well as what it means to stand in solidarity with those living in poverty and on the margins.

Service-learning is a philosophy of education, method of teaching, and a model for community engagement that connects the classroom and the community by engaging learners in the application of theory and praxis. Service-learning utilizes structured and intentional community-based service placements to enhance student engagement and foster deeper learning and knowledge. This form of learning emphasizes critical thinking and personal/professional reflection while encouraging a heightened sense of personal growth, academic achievement, civic learning and professional development.

Service-learning at John Carroll is built on an asset-based approach where students are encouraged to see the possibility, promise and power that exist in every community. Assets and strengths are emphasized because they are building blocks of community and recognize the gifts, values, vision and voice of people.

Courses that are offered as service-learning courses carry an "SLC" course attribute. CSSA collaborates with faculty each semester to offer course sections that include a community-based experiential learning component. Learning outcomes include:

  • Applying and deepening course knowledge through engaged experiential learning

  • Gaining increased knowledge and awareness of community issues, real-world dynamics, and the interconnectedness of subject matter

  • Developing cultural competencies and critical consciousness

  • Cultivating a habit of reflection about the meaning and purpose that directs their pathways and career choices

  • Developing an awareness of civic responsibility and the importance of community engagement

  • Inspiring curiosity and a deeper appreciation of the power of human connection

  • Developing the relational and professional skills needed to be thoughtful leaders, ethical thinkers, community builders and change agents

Through these dynamic opportunities and encounters, learning is deepened, awareness is broadened, and career paths are discovered or confirmed. The center embodies the mission and commitment of John Carroll University in the formation of men and women who “excel in learning, leadership, and service,” to build a more humane and just society.

Director: Dr. Katherine Feely, SND, Ed.D.

Contact: Phone: 216-397-4698 or Email:

Visit the website:

Endowed Centers

The Edward M. Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship

The Edward M. Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship was created in 1999 with a gift from Mr. Muldoon, a 1948 John Carroll graduate, and a matching gift from the Boler Challenge Fund, to establish a permanent home for the entrepreneurship program of the University. The Muldoon Center’s objective is to inspire the John Carroll University campus and stakeholder communities to launch innovative change that creates value.

The Center guides curious students to identify and solve big problems and launch big solutions using their innate creativity and passion. The Center specifically supervises the following programs:

  • The program minor, which was developed with the assistance of the Burton D. Morgan Foundation to leapfrog other programs in entrepreneurship by adopting “best practices” from the top programs in the country;

  • Bachelor of Arts in program. The problems present in today’s world demand the attention of society’s brightest leaders and entrepreneurs, who don’t hesitate to demonstrate courage, compassion, and creativity to address the many needs surrounding us. To prepare future innovators, we must cultivate emerging leaders by equipping them with the skills and mindsets they need to affect meaningful change in conscientious and impactful ways. Students will be guided through in-depth study across disciplines and learn to apply their learning to lead efforts to create sustainable impact in their communities and beyond. Students will further sharpen their habits of reflection and self-awareness in order to engage successfully with clients and partners, will employ leadership and collaborative skills, and will actively advocate for inclusion and social justice;

  • Master of Science in program. This program is designed to enable students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and learn how to deploy that mindset within current organizations, or in starting their own business. Students will begin their degree with a boot camp where they will identify and begin working on an entrepreneurial/innovative project. This could be a startup idea, or an intrapreneurial project within their current organization or the industry in which they desire to work;

  • LaunchNET, which is a co-curricular, cross-campus program funded by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation that expands opportunities for students to develop and implement their ideas beyond the classroom;

  • program is one of the four Signature Scholarship Programs available to incoming freshman. This program is a scholarship and growth opportunity for incoming John Carroll University freshmen dedicated to becoming social innovators and entrepreneurs inspired by Ignatian values. This fellowship produces graduates who can identify opportunities for innovation in the marketplace and can design and execute solutions for sustainable social change.

According to national statistics, 75% of all entrepreneurs today started as arts and sciences majors. Thus, the center offers any student, regardless of major, a unique series of opportunities to learn, apply, and practice their entrepreneurial skills in a real-world setting. The academic and co-curricular programs under the Muldoon Center umbrella allow students to develop their creativity, and innovative ideas, to work with and learn from business owners, and to participate in local, regional and national competitions.

In addition, the center provides support for the Entrepreneurs Association (EA), a group of local private company business owners and professionals. The EA provides members with the opportunity to network, attend professional development programs, and mentor students.

Director: Doan Winkel, Ph.D.

For additional information, visit: