Suspension and Dismissal


Students are subject to Suspension after two consecutive terms on Academic Probation. Student who are academically suspended are not eligible for readmission until at least one full Fall or Spring semester and one summer have elapsed. 


A readmitted student who returns from Suspension and continues not to meet Good Academic Standing benchmarks will be dismissed from the University and is not eligible to apply for readmission as an undergraduate for five years from the date of dismissal. 


Students may not appeal the sanctions of Academic Warning and Probation.  They may appeal academic Suspension and Dismissal and do so by contacting the Chair of the Academic Standing Committee.  Grounds for an appeal include GPA miscalculations or administrative error.  Further information regarding the appeals process will be included in the notification email and letter.  Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Academic Standing Committee and received within five business days of the notification email sent date.  The Academic Standing Committee will review and process appeals and related communications during regular University business days.