Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Find the Registrar Calendar here, which includes both these and other important academic dates and deadlines.

2023 – Summer Sessions

Summer 2023 runs from May 15 to August 21. There are six summer sessions: full term (14 weeks); summer 1 (first five weeks), summer 2 (second five weeks), and summer 3 (third four weeks); and summer A (first seven weeks) and summer B (second seven weeks). Specific dates for each of these terms are included on the Registrar Calendar.

2023 – Fall Semester

Aug. 25 (Fri.)

Final day of regular registration

Aug. 28 (Mon.)

Fall classes begin

Aug. 28 – Sept. 1 (Mon.-Fri.)

Course add/drop period

Sept. 4 (Mon.)

Labor Day (No classes; University closed)

Oct. 12 (Thurs.)

Fall break begins Thursday after last class

Oct. 16 (Mon.)

Classes resume

Nov. 21 (Tues.)

Friday classes meet

Nov. 21 - 24 (Tues.-Fri.)

Thanksgiving Break begins Tuesday after last class

Nov. 27 (Mon.)

Classes resume

Dec. 9 (Sat.)

Last day of classes

Dec. 11 – 15 (Mon.-Fri.)

Final examinations

Dec. 18 (Mon.)

Final grades due in Registrar's Office


2024 – Spring Semester

Jan. 15 (Mon.)

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No classes; University closed

Jan. 16 (Tues.)

Spring classes begin

Jan. 16 – Jan. 22 (Tues.-Mon.)

Course add/drop period

Mar. 2 (Sat.)

Spring break begins after last class

Mar. 11 (Mon.)

Classes resume

Mar. 27 (Wed.)

Friday classes meet; Easter break begins after last class

Apr. 2 (Tues.)

Classes resume; Monday classes meet

May 2 (Thurs.)

Last day of classes

May 3 - 4 (Fri.-Sat.)

Reading Days

May 6 - 10 (Mon.-Fri.)

Final examinations

May 13 (Mon.)

Final grades due in Registrar's Office

May 18 - 19 (Sat. -Sun.) 



2024 – Summer Sessions

The calendar for the Summer Sessions will appear online in March 2024.